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Monday 4th November 2002, 8:00 pm , City Hall Concert Hall


The Lady Kadoorie Master Teachers Series



 Prof. Vladimir Krainev

Vladimir Krainev possesses that rare combination of the talent of a world-class pianist and that of a wonderfully communicative teacher, he himself having being taught by the legendary Heinrich Neuhaus.

Having won the first prize in piano at the 1970 Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, he is now a professor at the Musik Hochschule in Hanover and a jury member of several competitions including the Leeds, Clara Haskil and Tchaikovsky. In addition to his teaching duties he concertises extensively across the world. His discography is extensive, with pride of place going to his several recordings of all five Prokofiev�s piano concertos, as well as Mozart�s piano concertos among others.


 L.V. Beethoven ?Sonata 26 in E. flat major, op.81a ("Les Adieux")

Schumann ? Symphonic Etudes, Op. 13


F. Chopin ? Barcarolle if F. Sharp major, Op. 60

                   Nocturne N?2 in D. flat major, Op. 27

                   Ballade N?1  in G minor, Op 23

                   Four Mazurkas, Op 30

                   Scherzo N?2 in B flat minor, Op. 31


Prof. Vladimir Krainev will be offering a series of Masterclasses while in Hong Kong . Schedule as follows:


  Tuesday  29th October, 2002

  Wednesday  30th October, 2002

  Thursday 31th October, 2002

  Friday 1st November, 2002

  Saturday 2nd November, 2002

  Tuesday 5th November, 2002

 Attendance to the masterclasses will be free of charge, but enrollment is necesary. To register your attendance and for further information, please contact:

By fax: Prof. Eleanor Wong: 2525 4076

By e-mail: 

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