Joy of Music Festival 2020, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music
Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music
Chopin, Joy of Music Festival, Music Festical, Piano, Guitar, Music Competition
Chopin, Joy of Music Festival, Music Festical, Piano, Guitar, Music Competition

The Chopin Society of Hong Kong
The Joy of Music Festival, Oct. 12-18 2020

In the last few weeks the Society has been hard at work to finalise the program of the Joy of Music Festival 2020, which you can now find in this website.
The Society is fully aware that there will need to be three conditions fulfilled, for the Society to be able to present the Festival at all, and with full Covid 19 precautions for its audience and artists:

  1. The opening and full functioning of venues, and in particular of the City Hall Concert Hall.

  2. The lifting of restrictions, and in particular the quarantine conditions for travellers flying toHong Kong.

  3. The lifting of flying and quarantine restrictions in place in the countries where our artists would be coming from and flying back to.

To ensure the maximum chances for the Festival to be held, the Society has taken the following steps:

  1. It completed the program as detailed in our website and is ready to present it, if given the go ahead.

  2. It obtained the full commitment and cooperation of ALL the participating artists in this year’s Festival for them to come and play in Hong Kong, subject to the three conditions mentioned above being fulfilled. The Society was extremely touched by the willingness of the artists to be “on call” till the last possible moment, waiting to see what will be the existing conditions as we approach the dates scheduled for the Festival to take place.

  3. It made the following arrangements for the audience, in the belief that, by taking these precautionary measures we will be minimising the risk of contracting and spreading Covid19:
  - Half the seats in the Concert Hall will be left unoccupied on an alternate basis, and half the rows of all the seats will also be left unoccupied thus ensuring maximum distancing. This means that only 25% of the capacity of the Concert Hall - about 350 and seats - will be available for each separate performance at the Concert Hall.
  - Given the extreme economic crisis which Hong Kong is undergoing, tickets for each of the performances will be priced at HKD 20 each, with no discounts available.
  - Aware of the need to request a maximum collaboration of the audience in complying with much stricter rules of social interaction while being a member of the audience, something that younger children might find difficult to understand and therefore to comply with, we have reviewed the minimum age for children to be able to attend the performances to 10 years old.
  - Finally, all the artists participating will be tested for Covid 19, 48h before they fly to Hong Kong, will be tested on arrival in Hong Kong and then tested again halfway through their stay. All artists will be staying at the same hotel and the Society will ensure their maximum comfort, but primarily their safety and that of the audience.

Should the conditions listed above be not available nearer the forthcoming 12th to the 18th October, the Society will present this program during its 2021 Joy of Music Festival scheduled to take place between the 11th and the 17th Oct. 2021, in addition to an exceptionally special presentation commemorating the 100th anniversary of C. Saint-Saëns’ death by featuring performances of all his wonderful 5 piano concertos performed by Pascal Roge (who will be celebrating his 70th birthday).

The Society pledges to its friends and audience, and to all music-lovers in Hong Kong, that it will do its best to deliver what it promises but subject to the maximum protection from Covid19 for its audience and artists.

Numbered tickets will be available for sale at all URBTIX outlets starting on the 30th of September, but given that the number of seats available is going to be reduced to 25% of the total capacity, we are accepting bookings by email ( or mobile and WhatsApp (852- 90271429) for all the performances announced in the program in our site. There will be no need to pay at the time of the booking, although we will be assigning seats for each request received.

If we are able to go ahead with the presentation of the Festival, (only announced by the 30th of September), we will then be contacting each of the parties which have booked tickets through the Society, to arrange for the payment needed to maintain their bookings for the days of the performances chosen.

In order to be able to implement these bookings through the Society, we will require that the bookings requested are accompanied by the name of the person responsible for the booking and his/her contact email and mobile number.

Tough times challenge the toughest individuals. But if we join forces and thanks to your collaboration, we will stand a much better chance to be able to contribute to the revival of the morale and of the cultural life of the people of Hong Kong and that of the world in general.

Thanking you in advance and looking forward to hearing from you,


The Chopin Society of Hong Kong Ltd



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