Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music   Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music
Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music
Chopin, Joy of Music Festival, Music Festical, Piano, Guitar, Music Competition
Chopin, Joy of Music Festival, Music Festical, Piano, Guitar, Music Competition


International Jury MemberAndy is one of the world’s foremost remastering engineers with four Gramophone awards, multiple ISRC awards, the coveted French ‘Diapason Historique’ award and two Grammy nominations to his name.

He joined Abbey Road Studios as an editor and mastering engineer in 1991. A diploma educated classical engineer by training, he studied at Spirit Studios in Manchester with various Factory Records bands in the late 80s and now works in both pop and classical surround mastering.

Andy is one of the foremost engineers to assist in the development of some of the world’s leading digital restoration tools such as CEDAR, and has restored recordings from as early as 1898. He can work on recordings from any format: 78 record, vinyl, tape, CD, DVD, SACD and film audio track. He has also used his specialist restoration expertise to work on audio projects for the government, media and even forensically for the British police.

As a surround mastering engineer Andy is in great demand, working on a multitude of DVD and CD projects for some of the biggest artists in the world including David Bowie, Ed Sheeran, Thr Bee-Gees, Coldplay, Kylie, U2, The Cure, Robbie Williams, Radiohead and The Who.

He has worked on many notable specialist projects, with artists such as world-renowned opera singer Dame Elizabeth Schwarzkopf and legendary cellist Mtislav Rostropovich, both at Abbey Road and in St. Petersburg in Russia.

Over his 23 year career he has remastered thousands of back catalogue recordings for many of the major labels, including the Grammy-nominated Great Recordings of the Century Edition for EMI, the award-winning References Series and the restoration of various world music back catalogues. These include the back catalogue of Damon Albarn’s re-issue label, Honest Jon’s, and many leading world music labels from Brazil and India to Saudi Arabia and Japan.

Andy is increasingly the mastering engineer of choice for the film and stage industries, mastering the CD soundtrack albums of Hollywood blockbusters such as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Eragon, Brave, Shadow Recruit and the Oscar-nominated film Atonement.  He has mastered award-winning musicals such as the London cast album of Lord of the Rings, Dirty Dancing and Phantom Two: Love Never Dies for Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

He is also actively involved in mastering surround media, working on the SKY HD output and mastering and compiling the critically acclaimed Sky Arts series ‘From the Basement’, with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich.

Andy has given various lectures and interviews on re-mastering and mastering techniques to both professional and academic institutions in the USA, Europe and the UK.

Outside of mastering work at Abbey Road, he runs a highly successful music and arts venue in Norfolk – Loddon Mill Arts – which hosts comedy evenings, jazz and classical concerts as well as educational courses. He is father to four children and is occasionally afforded the time to sail his yacht in competitions on the Norfolk Broads!


蜚聲國際資深母帶重新處理音響工程師,沃特曾屢獲殊榮,包括四次留聲機大獎﹑多次 ISRC獎項﹑法國金音叉獎及兩次格萊美提名。


在協助發展世界領先數碼修復工具(如CEDAR)方面, 沃特是業內最重要工程師之一,曾修復過早至1898年的錄音檔案。任何錄音格式(如78轉黑膠唱片﹑黑膠唱片﹑磁帶﹑CD﹑DVD﹑SACD和電影音軌) 都難不倒他。曾使用自己獨特的修復技術,為政府﹑媒體﹑甚至英國警方法醫的音頻項目服務。

備受追捧的母帶處理音響工程師,沃特為大量DVD和CD項目工作,與世界頂尖藝術家和樂團合作,包括有: 大衛寶兒﹑紅髮艾德﹑比吉斯﹑酷玩樂團﹑凱莉﹑U2﹑The Cure﹑羅比·威廉斯﹑Radiohead 和The Who。


回顧23年職業之旅,他曾為全球各大唱片公司重新灌製數以千計的後備曲目,包括為EMI灌製「世紀偉大錄音Great Recordings of the Century Edition」(獲格萊美提名)﹑獲獎參考系列及修復全世界各種不同音樂的後備曲目錄,當中包括,Damon Albarn獲重新發行的唱片﹑Honest Jon’s的唱片以及來自巴西﹑印度﹑沙地阿拉伯和日本等世界各地各大唱片公司的後備曲目錄。

電影和舞台方面,沃特亦是備受推崇的母帶處理工程師之一,曾參予眾多荷里活大片CD原聲帶專輯的母帶製作,如「哈利波特鳳凰城的密令」﹑「龍騎士」﹑「勇敢傳說」﹑「魅影特攻」和獲奧斯卡提名之電影「贖罪」。 他亦參予眾多獲獎音樂劇(如魔戒﹑辣身舞﹑歌劇魅影II:愛無止境)倫敦特輯的母帶處理工作。

同時,他亦積極參予母帶處理環繞聲媒體項目,如與電台司令合唱團的製作人Nigel Godrich合作,完成廣受好評「From the Basement」唱片系列的SKY高清輸出﹑編製和母帶處理。


愛彼路的工作以外,他在諾福克經營著一家相當成功的音樂和藝術場所 - Loddon Mill Arts,於此舉辦各種活動如喜劇之夜﹑爵士樂﹑古典音樂會和一些教育性質課程。身為四個孩子的父親,偶爾偷閒,他還會駕駛自己的遊艇,參加諾福克湖區的遊艇大賽!


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